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When Purchasing



This means that we will never force you to stay with us.  We are certain that the integrity of our service will keep you as our customer, not a legally binding contract.



ATVCinet offers you, our valued customer, the flexibility that everyone wants-- but no one else provides.   We pride ourselves on offering a service that gives the customer the ability to choose what best fits their needs.



We provide the best value for your dollar.

With very competitive pricing we are comfortable in saying we are your best high-speed value in our service area.



If you want speed, we have lots of it.  With packages that top out at 12 Mb/s, and the ability to create custom packages, we can offer all the speed you will ever need.  We can offer such speed because we are a second tier provider, with a direct connection to Multiple Tier 1 providers in New Orleans.  This provides far less hops than most internet providers, which helps us provide one of the, if not the, fastest connections in the area.



Where $49.99/month will pay for speeds up to 6 Mb/s downstream and 512 Kb/s connections through DSL, the same $49.99 can get you speeds up to 7Mb/s downstream and 768 Kb/s upstream with our service.  Additionally, we offer more email accounts and more web space in every package than any other provider in our area.



Even though the service is new, the company is not.  ATVCinet's parent company Allen's TV Cable has been in the community for over 40 years opening in 1954.  We have been and will continue to contribute to the community in which that we have lived our lives.