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The General Configuration Information for users. 
We felt it would be helpful to make our configuration settings available Online for our users.

System requirements

Configuration settings for

Mail and News

  • POP3 ( incoming ) Server:
  • SMTP ( outgoing ) Server:
  • News Server1:
  • Domain:

    How to Setup my E-mail.

DNS Configurations

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Client IP Address Assigned

  • Standard IP is assigned DHCP (automatic)
  • Advanced IP is assigned Static for additional cost (upon request)

Web-page Upload Site

  • Ftp Server:
  • Username : your username
  • Password: your password

Personel web-page address

                  How to Upload to My FTP Site.

Username and Password for E-mail

  • User names are ALWAYS lower case
  • Passwords are ALWAYS lower case
  • Example user name: joesmith
  • Example password: pass123
  • Example e-mail address:

Billing Information

  • You will receive your monthly bill in the Mail.
  • Your Cable and Internet bill will be on one bill.
  • Please make payments to:

          Allen's TV Cable

Technical Support

  • Morgan City:     985-384-8335 ( A local Call )

Browser Settings

  • Never dial a connection
  • You connect using a "LAN" Local Area Network not a phone Modem.

This System is and uses Cable Labs® Certified™ DOCSIS™
(Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) Cable Modems
This System uses DHCP to assign IP Addresses. A Static IP is Available for an additional cost.