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For Your Demanding High Speed Internet Needs.

Thinking about getting DSL because it is Fast? Think again!
For the same money* our Standard True High Speed package is still faster than the DSL Extreme 6.0!

Which connection do you want? 



Phone's True High Speed


The Competition

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Always On, Unlimited Usage, Fast, and Dependable Service

7 Mb/s+ down  768 Kb/s+ up 39.95**/month!!

Also available speeds of 12 Mb/s down 1.5Mb/s up +

4 Speed Levels to Choose from and at incredibly low prices. 
Call 384-8335 for availability in your area! 

*based on retail price of THS Standard package vs. average retail rate for standard DSL (3Mb/s down 384Kb/s up) in our service area. **rate reflects discount +speeds may vary Statements


Our True High Speed Internet connection may be just the solution your company is looking for. Whether you need to accelerate your internet connection at home or business's THS packages are fast, reliable, and best of all affordable.

We have provided a few links to related information for your convenience.  If you are curious about the differences in Cable Modems and DSL, please check out the Truth on High Speed Data.  We think after checking out's Advantages, your choice will be an easy one.  For all  Small Business owners, is your best bet for high speed data.  Basic account setup information can be located by following the setup requirements link.  Any other questions can be forwarded to the below links and numbers on our contact us page or by calling 985-384-8335.