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FAQ's - Technical


  • Do I need to be a cable TV subscriber to receive Internet?
    You need to subscribe to cable television to receive Internet if
    technicians come to your home for an installation.

    At the moment we do not allow customers to do a Self-Installation of 
    cable modems. We do require that you have our certified technicians install your 
    cable modems and certify your cable lines to make sure that they are up 
    to date with the FCC, and System Standards. We also want to insure that you 
    get the highest quality lines for your High Speed Internet Experience to be trouble free.
  • Can I watch TV and use Internet at the same time?
    Yes. While the signals travel over the same fiber/coaxial cable, neighbor
    cable television connections nor ATVC connections are
    affected by simultaneous use.
  • Does my computer need to be in the same room as my TV?
    No. Your computer can be located almost anywhere in your home. Although you must
    have a cable outlet in the desired room in which the cable modem is located. If you need one added give us a call. We provide this service and make sure your lines are ready changing splitters out with new High Quality Digital Splitters and New RG6 100% shielded.
  • Can my modem be hooked up to my television cable
    A cable modem utilizes the same wiring that brings CATV signals into your home. Therefore, you can attach a cable modem to any active cable outlet. A high-quality splitter can be used in situations where an outlet is already occupied by a television. However, homes with a number of televisions may not have enough signal strength for the cable modem to operate properly. In these cases, it will be necessary for a qualified cable technicians to install a new outlet for the able modem.
  • Will I need to use my telephone modem?
    No. Internet uses a cable modem to connect to the service
    so a telephone modem is not necessary.
  • Can I keep AOL and use the Internet service also?

    Yes! Step-By-Step instructions are as follows:

    Keeping AOL as well as the Internet Service:

    1. To log on to AOL through Internet, first sign on to Internet
    by clicking on the red Internet Network icon located on the desktop of
    your computer.

    2. Connect to AOL by clicking on the AOL icon, enter your username
    and password,select the "Internet Connection" location, and click "Sign On".

    3. When you log onto AOL through Internet, you will notice a
    significant difference in speed- itïs much faster.

    4. Change your billing plan to the "Bring your own Access" plan so
    that you can pay a smaller amount per month.

    To do this:
    -Go to AOL Accounts and Billing under AOL Member Services.
    -Click on Change my Billing Method or Price Plan.
    -Select "Update Pricing Plan-Select the $9.95/BYOA option at the bottom
    of the page and click "Select Plan". This will allow you unlimited access
    to your AOL account as long as you access it through Internet.

    5. Use your Internet account to email your friends and relatives.
  • Can I use Instant Messenger and Buddy Lists with the Internet Service?
    Many AOL users are familiar with AOL´s Buddy Lists and Instant Messenger.
    Similar services can also be used with Internet. Internet recommends using
    Excite PAL. It is a combination of Instant Messenger and Buddy Lists
    and allows you to communicate with your friends and colleagues on the
    Internet. You can also use Excite PAL to see when your friends are
    available for online conversations.

    You can also use AOL Instant Messenger with the Internet Service, and do
    not need to be on AOL customer to use it. If you´ve used the Instant
    Messenger and Buddy List features of American Online before, it´s easy
    to convert your current buddy list to the AOL Instant Messaging software.
    You can download it for free at:
  • What is DOCSIS/Cable Lab
    DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Systems Interface Specifications) is a standard
    interface for cable modems, the devices that handle incoming and outgoing
    data signals between a cable TV operator and a personal or business computer
    or television set DOCSIS 1.0 was ratified by the International Telecommunication
    Union (ITU) in March 1998. Cable modems conforming to DOCSIS are expected to be
    widely in use by the third quarter of 1999 for users in areas when cable operators
    are offering service. This enables over the counter sales of cable modems in local
    retail computer stores. This gives the subscriber the opportunity to decrease
    long-term service bills by side stepping cable modem retail fees.

    DOCSIS modems are currently available in select serviceable areas with more areas
    being constantly added. To find out if your area is using the DOCSIS modem,
    please contact our customer service representative toll free at: 888-793-9800.
  • Can I do video conferencing over my cable connection?
    Yes. One of the speed benefits of our multimedia-cable modem service is
    smoothness of video conferencing. However, you will need to purchase the
    necessary hardware and software.
  • Can I use the service to operate a web server?
    At this time, this feature is not available to our subscribers.
  • Can I use other web browsers to browse the web?
    Yes, both Netscape and Internet Explorer work well with out service. Other
    browsers can also be used, but we cannot guarantee their stability or provide
    customer support.
  • Where do I go to find out more information about the service?
    For information on the national Internet service, visit
  • How long can I stay on line before I had to log off?
    As long as you like. You´ll never be timed out, you never have to log off!
    That´s one of the many benefits of being a Internet subscriber.
    The service is completely unlimited, with no additional charge.
  • Can I use the service on more than one computer?
    Yes, customers with home networks may order additional network addresses
    in order to connect several computers to the service through one cable modem.
    You must use a cable router or rent another cable modem. You may also purchase
    another ip address and use a plain Network Hub.

    -You must first subscribe to the basic Internet service.

    -Once you become a subscriber, you can sign up for the second and third
    addresses through the Internet member services section.

    -You will need to have access to network expertise because Internet
    neither installs nor supports networks.

    -The cost is $6.95 per month for each additional outlet. Customer can have
    two additional addresses, for a total of three.

    -Internet will install the network card and software on the second and
    third computer for a change of $49 for each computer.
  • Do I need an Ethernet or NIC for your service?
    Yes, A network card needs to be installed prior to the Internet installation.
    If your computer already has a card, you may use it. However, if you have a
    laptop, you must provide your own PCM/CIA card.
  • I´ve heard that DSL is a dedicated line and cable is a shared line, what about that?
    That is partially true. Cable lines are shared within a neighborhood and
    if a number of subscribers in the same neighborhood all ask to download files
    at the same time, performance will be slowed. What the DSL folks are not telling
    you is that while DSL subscribers do not share the line in their neighborhood,
    they do share the link between their own central office and the network backbone,
    so the bottleneck still occurs during peak usage - it just occurs in a different
    place in the network. Also, DSL slows down the further you get from their
    central office.
  • What is the Internet Network?
    Internet is a broadband network - the next generation of interactive online
    service brought to your personal computer via a high-speed cable modem and
    existing cable infrastruction. Investors in the Internet Network include Internet
    Corporation, Cox Communications,Roger Cablesystems Limited, Shaw
    Communications,Inc. and Tele-Communications, Inc (TCI), and venture capital
    firm Kleiner Perkins Caufied & Byers.Its partnerships with Comcast, Cox,
    INterMedia Partners, Marcus Cable, Rogers, Shaw and TCI provide distribution
    access to nearly 50% of all homes passed by cable in the North America. Internet
    Network´s mission is to provide a high-speed, fully integrated multimedia service
    that revolutionizes the way people interact with information and each other at
    home and at work.

    Internet delivers "high bandwidth" Internet access with national and local
    content directly to our subscribers PC using an Internet customized Netscape browser.
    The data transmission speed of the cable modem is hundreds of times faster than a
    traditional phone modem. Faster speed allows subscribers to more thoroughly enjoy
    multimedia content such as video and audio clips and 3-D virtual reality images.
    Graphics and multimedia download in seconds.
  • How soon can I put the pedal to the metal?
    Our service is available in select areas throughout the south. To find out about
    availability or to put your name on the waiting list, call : 985.384.8335.
  • Can I access other providers such as AOL through my cable modem?
    Yes, and you will enjoy tremendous speed benefits (sometimes price benefits, too!).
  • Whatïs included in the Internet Network service?

    *Rental and complete installation of a high-speed cable modem.

    *Exciting, original, multimedia-rich national and local content

    *Navigate the World Wide Web easily with our customized Netscape browser.

    *E-mail, newsgroups and chat. Constant connection. No dial-up necessary.

    *Unlimited Internet access.

    *Customer support 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

    Local Content
    Think globally. Surf locally. Its a small world. We're partnering with some
    names we know you'll recognize to bring you current news and information in
    an exciting, multi-media rich format.

    Enjoy Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Dining. Experience in-depth local News
    targeted to your neighborhood. Become a vocal part of your Community.
    Participate in Education. Improve your Health. Utilize a "cyberoffice" in
    Business. Stop and shop in our Marketplace. Look to Real Estate to rent, buy
    or sell your home. Plan a getaway in Travel.

    We're scanning thousands of local web sites to make sure you experience the
    best local Internet content in the shortest amount of time. Plan your life and
    have time to live it! No more World Wide Wait. Preview the local angle by
    visiting one of our local websites.

    National Content
    CNN, The Weather Channel,... names you can trust....
    news, sports, weather from around the nation all brought to you at lightning
    speed. Near term plans also include:

    Continuous real time stock ticker feeds

    Instantaneous movie clips

    Walkthrough of vacation spots

    Customized, up-to-date scores

    Video chats with celebrities