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FAQ's - Speed 

  • As users increase how will my connection be affected?
    Because all Internet connections require sharing of network bandwidth
    at some point, additional users can lower speed. However, ATVC
    has a better architecture than any telephone Internet access. Constant
    improvements in cable modem technology and our aggressive performance
    monitoring will ensure you will always have speed orders of magnitude
    beyond a traditional telephone modem.
  • How fast is fast?
    Depending on the service level you get we offer speeds as high as 3mb and as low as 256kb
  • Will I be able to maintain speed during rush hour?
    ATVC is more than just a cable modem connection to the often
    bottlenecked Internet. Through the use of ATVC´s proprietary network
    technology, we can maintain high-speed connections that are consistently
    as well as considerably faster than dial-up or other internet connections like DSL 
    at a low cost to our customers offerings high speed connections at highly competitive prices.
  • I think my speed is slow whatt can i do?
    We are more than glad to help you understand the confusing world of high speed data.
    If you think you have a problem with your speed just give us a call or visit our speed information site to help to explain how your speed is determined and comes to be.