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Motorola "General Instruments" SURFboard
series SB3100 SB4100
  Power   Flashes while performing startup diagnostics internal to modem, turns solid green when modem successfully completes diagnostics.
  Receive   Flashes when scanning for down stream frequency and turns solid green when modem has successfully acquired a downstream channel.
  Send   Flashes while locating and ranging an upstream channel turns solid green when modem has successfully ranges an upstream channel.
  Online   Flashes while requesting an IP address (DHCP) downloading the configuration file (TFTP) and getting network time (TOD).  Turns solid green when modem has successfully completed DHCP/TFTP/TOD and activities noted above for Power, Receive and Send.
  Activity   Flashes when data is transmitted on the downstream or upstream connection.  If there is no data traffic the amber LED remains dark.
SURFboard® SB3100 External Cable Modem Support  

SURFboard® SB4100 External Cable Modem Support  

Motorola / GI Tech Support
Phone 888-944-HELP (888-944-4357)
To upgrade USB drivers call 877-466-8646