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RCA Digital Cable Modem DCM 215, 226, 235, 245


On/Off Turns the modem on or puts it in standby mode. Placing the cable modem in standby mode (the "off" position) allows for continued status from the system. This also disconnects your computer from the internet for added security. When power cycling your cable modem do not use the On/OFF button, remove the power cord.

Light Indicators - Operational Mode

 Power Indicates whether the cable modem is in active or standby mode. The light is off when the modem is in standby mode, and on when the power is activated and in the operational mode.
 PC Link Indicates whether the connection between the computer and the modem is active (ready to transmit/receive) or actually transmitting/receiving. The light is off when no carrier is present (or the modem is in standby mode), on when the carrier is present but there’s no transmit/receive activity, and flashing when there is transmit/receive activity.
 Cable Indicates the status of your cable connection. The light is off when no cable connection is detected or the modem is in standby mode and fully lit when the modem is registered with the network and data can be sent.
 Activity Indicates the existence of data traffic in the cable lines. The light is off when no data traffic is present and flashing when data activity exists.
 Email Currently not used by the system.

Why do my lights flash when I turn on my modem?     Depends which light is flashing.

Power = Tuning - The cable modem is functional and searching for a down stream cable modem service channel on the system.

Power & PC Link = Ranging - The modem is now tuned to a downstream cable modem channel and can now receive data.  Now it searches for an upstream channel so that it can send data.
Power & PC Link & Cable = Connecting - The cable modem is now communicating start-up data both downstream and upstream. The System is establishing IP connectivity with your modem.
Power & PC Link & Cable & Activity = Configuring - The cable modem received its IP Address and is downloading its configuration file from the system.
Power & PC link & Cable & Activity & E-Mail = Registering - The cable modem configuration is complete.  It is registering its "as configured" settings with the system.  Once complete, the lights stop flashing and the modem enters Operational Mode.
Reset Switch
The reset switch can be found behind a “toothpick hole” on the back panel. It performs two functions:
1. Basic Reset – Press and release the switch to make it perform the same function as disconnecting the power from the modem. It will start up again in Initialization Mode.
2. Factory Default Reset – Unplug the modem from the AC power. Press and hold the reset switch while plugging the modem into AC power. Continue holding the switch. Release the switch when all lights come on (about 6 seconds). This will return the modem to a factory “out of box” condition. This should only be done if the cable modem has been taken out of service in one location and is being reconnected to a different service, or if instructed to do so by system.