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How Do I refer a friend?


Step 1:   Print out the Refer-a-Friend coupon by clicking the

            the link below. *Remember to print in landscape*


Refer-a-Friend coupon


Step 2Place you name and your Allen's TV Cable account

           number in the appropriate blanks.


Step 3:  Give the coupon to your friend and tell them to call

           and sign up for high speed internet.


Step 4:  That is it!  When the installers come and install your

           friend's modem, they will collect the coupon.  You

           will receive your credit on your next full month's



How do I get the $25 credit, and what does my friend get?


       You will receive $5.00 credit on your next full month's statement

        for completing the steps above.  If your friend maintains Standard

        service or higher for three months, you will get an additional

        $20.00 credit!  


      The Friend receives a free install and the ability to purchase a

        Docsis 3.0 cable modem for $50.00 +tax if they maintain

        Standard speed service or higher for three months.

Special terms and conditions apply. Click for full details.