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Troubleshooting Tips

If your cable modem does not perform as expected, the following tips may help. If you need further assistance, contact your cable service provider.

1. Verify that the plug to your cable modem AC adapter is properly inserted into an electrical outlet.

2. Verify that your cable modem AC adapter is not plugged into an electrical outlet that is controlled by a wall switch. If a wall switch controls the electrical outlet, make sure the switch is in the ON position.

3. Verify that the Power and Status indicators on the front panel of your cable modem are illuminated.

4. Verify that all cables are properly connected, and that you are using the correct cables.

5. Verify that your cable service is active and that it supports two-way service.

6. If you are using the ethernet connection, verify that your TCP/IP is properly installed and configured.

7. If you are using the USB connection, verify
that you have followed the procedure for installing the USB Drivers for Windows (98/SE/ME/2000.

8. Verify that you have called your cable service provider and given them the serial number and MAC address of your cable modem.

9. If you are using a cable signal splitter so that you can connect the cable modem to other devices, remove the splitter and reconnect the cables so that the cable modem is connected directly to the cable input. If your cable modem functions properly connected in this way, the cable signal splitter may be defective and may need to be replaced.

10. If you have three solid lights on your modem your good to go on our end, the internet is in your home for you to access.